Grand Jacob&Co. Astronomia Solar Planets Replica Watches With Blue Leather Strap For Hot Recommendation

Jacob&Co. has launched a model superior in its appearance and performance. Jacob&Co. has spent two years developing the complex copy Jacob&Co. Astronomia Solar Planets with the case created in high-technology.It presents a showcase of the eight planets in all-sided.

The complex design of the whole watch make it grand, unique and precious.
Exclusive Fake Jacob&Co. Astronomia Solar Planets

The 44.5MM fake Jacob&Co. is another extraordinary work of Astronomia collection which is assembled from 439 components and parts.In order to demonstrate a solar system that is moving continuously,the accessories are designed to be in bidirectional rotation. Equipped with exclusive Jacob&Co. Manual winding movement, the timepiece functions excellently. The entire movement rotates clockwise 360 degrees in ten minutes. Hours and minutes dial rotate in 10 minutes on the central axis while the rose gold and blue lacquered globe rotate in 60 seconds on 2 axes.Tourbillon rotates in 60 sec.

The timepiece shows the location of the Earth and the Sun.
Copy Jacob&Co. Astronomia With Manual Winding Movement

The rose gold Jacob&Co. Astronomia imitation watches are designed to be transparent for enjoying according to Jacob Arabo, who is the CEO and founder of Jacob&Co. Citrine JacobCut® on the top of the movement represents the Sun, opposite to the rose gold and blue globe.The model is created to present the scene of the earth in the solar system on design concept.

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