Jacob & Co. Astronomia Sky Limited Edition Leather Strap Replica Watches

An even fancier version of the extravagant original, the Jacob & Co. Astronomia Sky replica watches are huge wristwatch with an exotic, three-dimensional display for both the time and astronomical indications.
Though the American jeweller is best known for its bejewelled multi-time zone watches that have little technical interest, the Astronomia Sky is a mechanically intriguing timepiece, built by complications specialist Ateliers7h38 founded by Luca Soprana and Christophe Naudin. Practically everything visible on the front of the fake Jacob & Co. Astronomia Sky limited edition moves, at speeds ranging from one revolution a minute to one a year.

The brilliant blue titanium dial at the very base of the face makes one rotation a year, being an approximate indication of sidereal time, or the time it takes the Earth to make one revolution around the Sun.

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Sky replica watches.

Over the blue dial is a gilt-edged oval that travels over the constellations and stars, showing the portion of the sky visible from the Northern Hemisphere at that point in time. And on the edge of the blue dial is a month indicator for the perpetual calendar .

The globe in the centre is lacquered titanium and functions as a day and night indicator. From the central axis four arms extend out, each carrying a different part of the mechanism; the central axis makes one revolution around the dial every 20 minutes, moving the whole mechanism along with it.

Opposite the time display is the triple axis tourbillon fake that has two cages rotating at 60 seconds and five minutes respectively; the final axis is the 20-minute rotation of the central axis.

Limited edition Jacob & Co watches.

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