Replica Swiss Watches IWC Portugieser For Sale

This year is the Replica Swiss Watches IWC For Sale has a long history of Portugieser founded the 75th anniversary of the launch of a new watch, a new watch of wrist of Fake Swiss Watches IWC Portugieser, made a number of improvements in technology and aesthetic aspects, and carry a new function. The latest research and development of the type 52000 series movement will carry planetary-boundaries Portugal wrist watch series.


The IWC have no calendar watch, the watch launch is to make up for all the IWC in the calendar and simple date shows the gap between. For the Best Sale Replica IWC Watches of the latest research and development type 52850 homemade movement, carrying two box spring, filled with chain can provide 7 day power reserve. People always think calendar is a very practical and cost-effective ultra-high function, compared with the perpetual calendar is a lot cheaper.

_IWC Portugieser
Replica Swiss Watches IWC Portugieser for sale sapphire back through, elegant movement be clear at a glance.


This new Cheap Replica Swiss Watches IWC For Sale, carrying a diameter of 44.2 mm stainless steel case and plated silver dial, with three independent semicircular window display month, date and week respectively, the automatic switching mechanism has been given the number of days of each month. Unlike calendar, calendar is neither consider different number of days in February, also doesn’t consider the effect of a leap year, so you need to have a manual adjustment at the end of every February, only the crown adjustment, simple and convenient.

IWC Portugieser
44.2 mm stainless steel case

The calendar watch is for all the Cheap Fake Watches IWC Best Sale make up the gap, the historic a wrist watch. Calendar function is very practical, and completely through a single crown adjustment is very convenient and simple, believe that after the listed price will tend to be more reasonable, the price is very high. Concise generous beauty of neat dial design, suitable for any occasion wear.

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