Our Favorite Perpetual Calendars Replica Watches For The 2024 Leap Year

Fake Patek Philippe Ref. 3448
Not long ago, I asked a friendly vintage copy watch dealer how the market was for 3448s – and his reply was “there aren’t too many people outside the our office looking for perfect replica Patek Philippe 3448s right now.”

In one way, that made me happy, because it means they’re cheaper than they were not long ago, but at the same time, how could luxury fake Patek Philippe‘s first self-winding perpetual NOT be going that well while the 3940 continues to set the world ablaze?

To me, the 3448 is a bit like the 2526 – it encapsulates an entire era of both design and movement making for the world’s most important manufacture of haute horlogerie – AAA quality replica Patek Philippe. And it’s a good size. And easy to read. And live with – unlike a 2499, 5970, or any other hand-wound perpetual. To me a 3448 is a perfect watch – in platinum, white, or yellow.

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