Jacob & Co. Brilliant Replica Wristwatches With Diamonds Paved Cases

Jacob & Co. is not only a timepiece but also a precious art work made from high level of craftsmanship of watchmaking and jewelry setting. Today’s model is also from the family of Brilliant. The luxury fake Jacob & Co. watch for women is exclusive and fascinating.

Someone think the 48 mm Jacob & Co. Brilliant imitation watch is too big for women but when it is worn on the wrists, you will know it is wrong that it’s too huge for ladies. It perfectly fits the women, which is neither too small nor too huge. It is exquisite and enhancing the charm of ladies excellently. Individuality and fashion are what the modern women pursuing. This model meets all the requirements from contemporary and independent ladies.

The yellow and red hands are striking on the silver dial, offering ultra legibility.
Jacob & Co. Brilliant Replica With Orange Leather Strap

The diamonds paved on the double bezels have added feminine touch to the model, which also embody the high level of gem-setting skills of the brand. Everyone knows that Jacob & Co. was a jewelry workshop that customized works for customers originally. The knockoff watch with silver dial has been decorated with red minute and hour hands as well a yellow hand, adding brilliance on the pure dial, also guaranteeing the ultra legibility. The bright orange leather strap fitted on the steel case enhances the beauty and grace of the wearers.

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