Jacob & Co. Astronomia Solar Replica Watch Show Full Picture Of Eight Planets

Jacob & Co. Released the complicated Astronomia Solar after two years’ research. The 44.5 mm Jacob & Co. copy watch perfectly show us the complete view of the eight planets with the high-tech case.

The topaz on the center of the dial is eye-catching.
Blue Leather Strap Fake Jacob & Co.

The extraordinary calibre JCAM19 drives the Jacob & Co. Astronomia fake watch with rose gold case which contains 439 components. What is more eye-catching is that these components are constantly rotating in both directions to present the moving solar system.

The timepiece could display the complete view of the eight planets.
Sophisticated Jacob & Co. Astronomia Imitation Watch

There’s an eye-catching topaz on the center of the dial which weighs 1.5 carats. The bottom of the dial is very distinctive too which is made from the aventurine, presenting the scene of a vast night sky. When all the components rotate, it looks like all the planets move in the vast universe.

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