Introducing The Development History Of Luxury Jacob & Co. Replica Watches With Extraordinary Craftsmanship

Mr Jacob Arabo, a jewellery manufacture originally, founded the famous watch brand Jacob & Co. in New York in 1986. The legendary founder had done better on jewelry before, however, later another skill was discovered that was watchmaking. The creative copy Jacob & Co. is young with only 30 years history of watchmaking, but it became well-known all over the world soon and was favored by many pop stars with its innovation and high level of watchmaking craftsmanship, as well the prominent jewelry techniques.

In 2002, Jacob & Co. released its first Five Time Zone watch with quartz movement and later, it had been equipped with complex mechanical function. In 2012, Jacob & Co. created its own workshop. All the creativity and imagination of Jacob Arabo have been practiced by the manufacturing technology which is more exquisite and professional. With the outstanding appearance, plenty of gemstones, brilliant colors and appropriate size, Jacob & Co. has attracted lots of watch collectors and celebrities.

The Five Time Zone model embodies the creativity and prominet techniques of the brand.
Innovative Copy Jacob & Co. Five Time Zones Watches

Setting innovation as the guideline, each model has been dedicated with the full concentration and expertise of the craftsmanship in the Geneva workshop. In 2006, Jacob & Co. got its big fame with its watch Jacob & Co. Quenttin fake with automatic movement, which could provide a power reserve of 31 days, breaking the record of the world at that time.

In 2013, Epic SF 24 was launched. With the exquisite design inspired by the information board in airport and railway station, breaking the regular pattern of world time display of usually design, the watch with brown leather strap was full of revolution and practicability. In 2015, the brand released a Billionaire which was engraved with 260 carats diamonds, and the imitation watch with blue hands being regarded as the most expensive wristwatch in the world.

In 2016, the Astronomia Sky was released, which allows the wearers feel that they have master the whole universe when having it on the wrist.

The model embodies the high level of watchmaking and gemstones setting craftsmanship of Jacob & Co.
Jacob & Co. Billionaire Replica With Diamonds Set Case


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