Cristiano Ronaldo With His Dazzling Replica Jacob & Co. Diamonds Customized Wristwatch

Cristiano Ronaldo attended a press conference before the competition between Juventus and Manchester United. Although he didn’t say too much during the press conference, he had drawn almost all the attention from the public. Why? How? Was it because that he was so handsome? No, it was the timepiece he wore – Jacob & Co. fake watch with diamonds paved dial.

There are totally 424 diamonds paved on the whole watch.
Diamonds Paved Bracelet Replica Jacob & Co.

Some media even especially introduced the special customized wristwatch he wore. There are totally 424 diamonds paved on the watch. Someone said that could he find the hands? However many fans argued that did you think that the watch was used to check time? As everyone knows that the current wristwatches are not only the tools to check the time, but could perfectly present the identity and social status of the wearers.

The white gold and shiny diamonds make the model very precious and noble.
White Gold Case Imitation Jacob & Co.

Cristiano Ronaldo is really rich so he could afford the precious knockoff watch, which was sold at a shocking price of 1,850,000 pounds. It excellently meets the social status of Cristiano Ronaldo, the popular global football star.

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