BELIEVE: The luxury replica watches of the Ted Lasso cast

Plenty of television shows can get a bit dark, whether it’s the incestuous violence of House of Dragons, murder mysteries like The Undoing or plots involving ruthless drug cartels like Ozark. So when a happy-go-lucky show like Ted Lasso comes to the forefront, it’s a welcome switch-up. Few shows have earned more smiles per episode from me than Ted Lasso, and, since its debut, the world has fallen in love with the cast both on and off-screen.

A teaser trailer for the long awaited third season finally dropped recently. So, in anticipation of the show’s return, here are some of the luxury replica watches a few members of the cast have been spotted wearing.

Jason Sudeikis – Fake Rolex Submariners
Jason Sudeikis is definitely a watch fan that could have a whole watch-spotting article devoted to him alone. But his most distinctive wrist-trend is that, when he goes mechanical, he gravitates towards the cheap replica Rolex Submariner in multiple forms. At a basketball game with his ex-wife Olivia Wilde, Jason can be seen double-wristing with a fitness tracker on his right wrist and a blacked out Rolex Submariner fake for sale on his left. While I cannot say it is the exact one, the blacked out Pro Hunter customised Submariner is a close example of what he is wearing in the photo above. Customisation is considered taboo within some sectors of the watch community, but Jason is definitely not the only celeb who likes to rock a blacked-out perfect fake Rolex.

Jason likes the Submariner so much, he also owns a pre-ceramic 1:1 fake Rolex Submariner left in its pure factory form. He is seen sporting the top super clone Rolex Submariner Date (above) more often than the customised one in his collection, and often has it on his wrist whether he’s strolling with his kids or hosting SNL.

Phil Dunster – Replica Omega Speedmaster ’57
The antagonist we somehow all root for, Jamie Tartt, played by actor Phil Dunster, is not the brightest bulb. Yet, recently at the Emmys, Dunster (or his stylist) smartly paired his burgundy tuxedo with the handsome burgundy-dialled AAA replica Omega Speedmaster ’57. The metal-bezelled, two-register take on the Speedy is a more classy chronograph that, with its range of dials, is ripe for wardrobe pairings. Swiss movement fake Omega always plays with a balance between sporty and elegant, and the ’57 definitely has more of an elegance factor than the Moonwatch.

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