High Quality US Sale Jacob & Co. 5 Zeitzonen Quartz Replica Watch With Diamond-Paved Dial For Men

The stainless steel fake watch has 6 time zones.

Halloween is coming soon! What would you like to dress up as? My elder brother bought a Swiss made fake Jacob & Co. 5 Zeitzonen watch online. There is a skull pattern on the dial. He doesn’t tell me what would he like to dress up as, but I guess it maybe about his new watch.

The 47mm replica watch has a diamond-paved dial.
47MM Replica Jacob & Co. 5 Zeitzonen Watch

The skull pattern is made from black agates. Besides, the dial is paved with small diamonds. Together, the bezel is decorated with large bright cutting diamonds. With polished 316L stainless steel case and black alligator leather strap, the perfect replica watch is as quality as the genuine watch, but it is cheaper.

The stainless steel fake watch has 6 time zones.
Fake Jacob & Co. 5 Zeitzonen Watch With Diamonds

What’s more, the perfect fake Jacob & Co. watch is equipped with Swiss movement. It provides 5 time zones which is practical. However, what attracts my elder brother most is still the skull pattern.

The only shortage of this fake watch is that the 47mm size is large for him.

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